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Why do some dieters fail to lose weight?

Have you been trying to lose weight but got no luck at all? Millions of people want to get rid of the extra pounds. They follow a strict diet and extreme workouts. Some of them are even using diet supplements. But at the end of the day, they still can’t see the numbers going down on the weighing scale. If you are in the same boat, then there is probably something wrong with what you are doing.

In this read, we are going to explore the major reasons some dieters fail to lose weight.

Why do some dieters fail?

Calorie intake

kjskjs87shj4334One of the biggest reasons why many people are unsuccessful in achieving their weight loss goals is because their calorie intake is actually greater than what they are losing every day.

So, how can you address this issue? First, you have to take a look at the foods that you are eating. Try to calculate their calorie content. Secondly, you have to assess if your workout is really worth it. Are you doing the right kind of exercise? How many calories do you burn?

Diet and exercise plan

Many people think that reducing their calorie intake and engaging themselves in exercises are enough to lose weight. But then, this is not always the case. Again, it all boils down if you are eating the right type of food and performing exercises that are effective in burning calories.

When it comes to proper diet, you should make sure that you are taking in foods that are rich in fiber. It is also important that you know the other factors that contribute to the storage of fat in your body so you would know what to avoid. As for exercises, it is highly recommended that you do cardio workouts.

Incorrect diet supplements

gsagsa65asgf3Diet supplements are helpful if you utilize authentic and safe pills. Nowadays, such products are highly in demand, and you will find thousands of them on the market. However, not all of the diet supplements that are being sold out there are created equal. Some are safe and effective, while the others are harmful.

In order for you to ensure that you are using the right supplements, take a look at the contents. It will also help you make a smart choice if you review the testimonials of other users.

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Incredible Ways On How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning

Incredible Ways On How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning (2)

Typically, food poisoning occurs because whatever you have put into your mouth as food has natural poisonous properties or the food in question has been contaminated with bacteria, parasites, viruses, or any other toxins. Unfortunately, if you happen to eat poisoned food, you will soon be in for a world of gastrointestinal hurt. At first, depending on the source of contamination, you will besieged by a range of unpleasant symptoms such as fever, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, sweating, tearing in the eyes, mental confusion, excessive salivation, stomach pain, partial loss of vision or speech, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, muscle paralysis, muscle weakness, abdominal cramps, and much more. In most cases, the signs and symptoms of food poisoning typically disappear on their own after some days. Nevertheless, several ways and actions can be taken to expedite recovery, as unveiled herein.

How to get rid food poisoning fast

As stated in the introductory section, food poising usually resolves itself within 48 hours. However, below are some of the incredible actions to be taken to speed up the recovery process and make you more comfortable:

#1. Drink a lot of water

Typically, one of the symptoms of food poisoning includes vomiting and diarrhea, which leads to body dehydration. Therefore, it is critical that you drink plenty of water and other fluids to keep the body hydrated. Doctors and other medical professionals advice that you should double your regular intake of water. In other words, you need to drink at least 16 glasses of water in a day. Besides that, you should avoid dehydrating fluids such coffee and alcohol.

#2. Eat honey

Honey is one the outstanding natural remedy for food poisoning. Indeed, its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help in treating food poisoning symptoms such as nausea and others. Inherently, three teaspoonful of honey after every three hours can do wonders to your body as it relaxes you from the troubles caused by poisoned food.

#3. Consider replacing the electrolytes

Apparently, food poisoning results to acute dehydration that leads to excessive loss of body nutrients. As such, it is prudent that you consider trying an electrolyte solution to replace the lost nutrients. Electrolytes such as Pedialyte and Gatorade are some of the incredible electrolytes for food poisoning.

#4. Try using herbs

Herbs that contain antimicrobial properties can as well be used to relieve some of the severe symptoms of food poisoning. Some of the well-known herbs for food poisoning include basil juice, cumin seeds, thyme, coriander, fennel, sage, rosemary, and spearmint.

#5. Get enough rest

Probably, symptoms of food poisoning render the victim feeble, weak, and tired. Therefore, to help your body recover faster, it is highly advisable that you need to get enough rest, probably by sleeping.

Incredible Ways On How To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning (1)


The list of viable and incredible ways on how to get rid of food poisoning fast is just endless, but those mentioned above are just but a few. However, if followed to the later, there are high chances that the person involved will recover faster. Nevertheless, if the symptoms persist even after trying some of the above options, then it is advisable that you see a doctor.

Healthy Fast-Food Breakfast

Sometimes you are in a hurry and you find that you have no ready food in the house.

So, what do you do? You can choose to pass by a fast-food restaurant or else, starve until lunch. Many choose to pass by fast-food restaurants.

Taking fast-food breakfast has been a diet problem for long. But now things have changed and it is much easier to find foods that are healthy. Whenever you are in a hurry, you do not have to take those unhealthy options anymore; there are plenty of healthy options to choose from.

In this post, we look at healthy fast food breakfast options.

Healthy Fast-Food Breakfast (3)

1. Berry Topper Ideal Meal- Jamba Juice

This choice has all that your body requires. It is made with soy milk and yoghurt, therefore, a good source of Vitamin D and calcium. It is blended in bananas, blueberries and strawberries. It also has pumpkin flaxseed granola to provide healthy fats for your heart health.

This choice gives you 9grams of proteins, 59 grams of carbohydrates, 85 milligrams of sodium, 7 grams of fiber, 4.5 grams of fat and 300 calories of energy (per 12 ounces).

2. Protein Artisan Snack Plate- Starbucks

This choice has all that you need for a healthy and satisfying diet. It has fiber, proteins, fresh produce and whole grains. It is made of cheddar and apple slices, boiled eggs, honey peanut butter, grapes and multigrain muesli bread.

This choice will give you 370 calories of energy, 13 grams of protein, 470 milligrams of sodium, 4 grams of fiber, 36 grams of carbohydrate, and 19 grams of fat.

3. Chicken sausage, fruit and scrambled egg whites- Denny’s.

This is a well-rounded breakfast made of chicken sausage, eggs and fruits. This choice will give you 19 grams of protein, 447 milligrams of sodium, 3 grams of fiber, 19 grams of carbohydrate and 9 grams of fat.

To increase on the fiber factor, you can order a portion of whole-grain toast without margarine or butter. This will also add more calories.

Healthy Fast-Food Breakfast (1)

4. Fruit and Maple Oatmeal- McDonald’s

This treat includes diced red and green apples, raisins, brown sugar, dried cranberries and a touch of cream. Oatmeal’s soluble fiber will aid in controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and fighting off diabetes.

It gives you 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 260 calories of energy, 48 grams of carbohydrate and 115 milligrams of sodium.

5. Breakfast Power Sandwich- Panera BreadHealthy Fast-Food Breakfast (2)

It is made of spelt, rye, flax and amaranth. It is rich in nutrients like niacin, iron, selenium, manganese, magnesium and vitamin B2.

This choice gives you 14 grams of fat, 830 milligrams of sodium, 22 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 31 grams of carbohydrate, and 330 calories of energy.

Next time you are in a hurry, do not starve until lunch or go for unhealthy foods. Feel free to fuel up with the above quick and healthy choices.